Personalized Learning – Designing for the Extremes

The MYTH of Averages

We are losing our most gifted students to disengagement because we are designing learning activities for an average learner.  At the same time, those students with jagged learning profiles – high abilities and interests in science or content areas, but lower than average reading abilities are lost in reading expectations before they begin.

In fact, the use of averages fails to meet the needs of a diverse population and human abilities, talents and interests.

One-to-One Laptops at High School

Dakota Collegiate: Progressive, Innovative, and Inclusive

The first high school in Manitoba to complete the full scale rollout which began with the entry of Grade 9 students each bringing their own laptop to school in the fall of 2011.  At the end of four years, the initiative has transformed the way that teachers approach the learning environment. The 21st century model is student-centred and collaborative.