“When knowledge is a free commodity, we need to innovate”

In a world where knowledge has become a free commodity, one skills set is vital to guarantee our students and our countries a healthy and prosperous future. It is the capacity to solve problems creatively – in a word, to innovate. Author of the bestsellers The Global Achievement Gap and Creating Innovators, Tony Wagner talked about what we must do to better prepare young people to bring the skills of innovation to whatever they do.

– Tony Wagner’s address at World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)


Digital Voices – an innovation in creative writing

Digital Voices is an unique 2 Digital Media project-based series of high school courses designed for students interested in digital story-telling through e-collaboration and social media. The focus of this course is to provide students the opportunity to embrace, document, depict and digitize all components of our cultures through experimentation using digital media with students from around the world.

Digital Voices – A 21st Century Classroom

Winnipeg – One of Top 7 most intelligent communities in the world

A “smart 21” list identifies communities who are “developing inclusive prosperity build on a foundation of information and communication technologies.” Among the reasons for Winnipeg’s selection are found in the work done by a local high school.

Sisler High School is Manitoba’s largest culturally diverse dual track high school located in Winnipeg’s North End, recognized as an innovator in technology education and using cutting edge pedagogical delivery systems including inverted classrooms, distance education and collaborating with industry experts from across the globe.

Grade 11 students at Sisler already have job offers pre-graduation for the 21st Century skills that they have learned at school: