Left in the digital dust again! AND Whose turn is it to take out the garbage?”

The acceptance of my family’s engagement in their personalized mobile environments over breakfast repartee has given me the chance to perfect 21st Century email etiquette, mostly deleting junk mail, and seeking status among the digital natives in my household. Thinking that their less than timely replies was confirmation for my email proficiency, I was informed that email has long taken a back seat to the emergence of new social media, amplifying the opportunity for youth to monitor and engage relationships and social communities in a personalized backdrop of real-world, real-time news.

IT bystander, once more, I wonder how parents keep up with the digital revolution in the workplace, in society AND at home!? Furthermore, how does all of this impact what learning at school look like, given the rapid-fire pace at which my kids retrieve and consume a much more far reaching Front Page News while munching down their Cheerios before school in the morning! Common Sense Media provides a wealth of HELP! Click the live link in red.  

Follow the C21 Canada’s Parent’s Guide to 21st Century Learning to find answers to some of your FAQs and share support, sympathy and your best efforts!


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